Peyton Manning and His Famous Friends Released a Bourbon, And It’s a Winner

Peyton Manning and His Famous Friends Released a Bourbon, And It’s a Winner

Author: Kirk Miller

Publication: Inside Hook

Original Article:

Date of Publication: Sept. 11, 2020

“In the end, they came up with five batches and four single barrels. While there will be subtle differences between each release, Sweetens Cove thankfully doesn’t come across as a vanity project. It’s at once sweet, floral and spicy with a satisfying mouthfeel; although the rye content on my sample batch was only 8%, it provided just enough kick while somehow the spirit itself remained gentle (I also picked up a bit of maple and pecan).

Overall, this is a complex sipper that exponentially improves over a day’s time — though at cask strength it’s going to sneak up on you hard. It seems like an ideal partner for a few rounds of golf.

And it’s distinctive; as I told Eaves, I could pick Sweetens Cove out of a blind tasting lineup in a second (in a good way).”

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